Reading List

Across The Water: Irish Women's Lives in Britain by Mary Lennon, Marie McAdam and Joanne O’Brien

A History of the Irish Post: The Voice of the Irish in Britain

An Unconsidered People: The Irish in London by Catherine Dunne

The Best are Leaving: Emigration and Post-War Irish Culture by Clair Wills

Choosing the Green? Second Generation Irish and the Cause of Ireland by Brian Dooley

The Contractors by John B. Keane

Discrimination and the Irish Community in Britain: A Report of Research Undertaken for the Commission for Racial Equality by Mary Hickman and Bronwen Walter

Irish Blood, English Heart: Second Generation Irish Musicians in England by Sean Campbell

Life history and the Irish migrant experience in post-war England: Myth, memory and emotional adaption by Barry Hazley

The Northern Ireland Troubles in Britain: Impacts, Engagements, Legacies and Memories by Graham Dawson, Jo Dover and Stephen Hopkins

The Men Who Built Britain: A History of the Irish Navvy by Ultan Cowley

Moving Stories: Traveller Women Write by Southwark Traveller Women’s Group

Outsiders Inside: Whiteness, Place and Irish Women by Bronwen Walter

Spalpeens and Tattie Hokers: History and Folklore of the Irish Migratory Agricultural Workers in Ireland and Britain by Anne O’Dowd

Stolen Years: Before and After Guildford by Paul Hill and Ronan Bennett

Suspect Community: People's Experience of the Prevention of Terrorism Acts in Britain by Paddy Hillyard